Here at Zed Books, we’re proud to help researchers produce and publish award-winning academic work of the highest quality.

As an academic publisher, we specialise in critical social science books with an international and interdisciplinary focus.

Many of our subject lists are globally renowned, this is especially the case within the fields of Development Studies, Area Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, International Politics, Sociology, Decolonisation and Postcolonial Studies, Human Rights, Migration and Labour, as well as Heterodox and Development Economics. We’re not afraid to support academics that challenge the status quo to find new ways of interpreting, understanding or constructing the world we live in.

Our current catalogue features almost 2,000 works across the humanities and social sciences. While we’re known for publishing different kinds of books for a variety of audiences, including general readers, the vast majority of our books and 100% of the works featured here on Zed Scholar undergo in-depth peer review. Academic peer review is a cornerstone of our editorial policy.

In this section of Zed Scholar you will discover how Zed Books can help you publish your recent research, support your teaching and inspire your students to think critically and internationally.

Why is peer review so important?

Learn more about the various types of peer review, why it’s so important, what the social and political considerations of peer review are and how we use it at Zed Books.

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