Marketing your book

Marketing your book is as important to the publishing process as developing or producing your physical or digital copies.  We begin the marketing process by positioning it for the right readership. As your publisher, we reach the right readership through a combination of expertly crafted data, strategic marketing and communications plans and carefully chosen marketing, sales and distribution channels.

As the author of your book, you have a unique understanding of the communities and networks within your field. So, you’re also perfectly placed to promote your book. Many of our authors find marketing their book an enjoyable and fruitful experience as it allows them to expand their networks.

In addition to implementing a bespoke marketing and communication strategy to ensure the impact of your work, Zed Books will also support you in promoting your work. We’ll encourage you to think about your book’s audience and build your persona as an author.

Below are some key elements and considerations of the marketing process which you should familiarise yourself with.

Preparation and planning

The marketing team will send you a promotional questionnaire to gather information on potential markets, audiences and marketing opportunities. As you’re the subject expert, your advice and opinions can significantly influence our marketing efforts, so make sure to provide as much detail as possible.

Positioning your book for the right market

Our publishing experts will lead the development and positioning of your book.

Positioning your book for the right readership involves considering the title and subtitle, blurb, book cover design, competing titles and authors, formats, the type design and much more. However, it’s the metadata associated with your book that in today’s world composes the most fundamental element of marketing.

Zed Books expertly constructs the metadata associated with your book. We’ll conduct keyword research,  subject categorisation, curate data flows and examine various sales channels and distributors. Zed Books has some of the most digitally focused marketing in the academic publishing world.

Direct approach

The marketing plan for your book will involve a number of approaches and opportunities. To maximise potential sales, we’ll engage a variety of potential customer bases.

Your knowledge and networks will enable us to plan for journals reviews and promotions, promote your book at academic conferences, approach the right organisations and institutions and support a book launch or speaking tour. Your knowledge will also benefit potential course adoption and content marketing strategies.

Community building

At Zed Books, we also engage in various forms of indirect marketing. Indirect marketing includes social media, SEO and other forms of data optimisation as well as engaging with relevant academic communities, building your personal profile and linking it to the Zed brand.

As a published academic author, this provides you with a unique opportunity to grow your networks and profile. It’s an invaluable part of the academic publishing process.

Why is peer review so important?

Learn more about the various types of peer review, why it’s so important, what the social and political considerations of peer review are and how we use it at Zed Books.