Teaching information

We’re committed to helping teachers bring the latest critical, social science research into the classroom and offer several different types of books and digital collections suitable for teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Our extensive catalogue includes comprehensive introductory core texts and supplementary books perfect for researching dissertation topics. We also offer accessible, critical thematic interrogations as well as specialist monographs. We are dedicated to publishing the most crucial and up-to-date social science research for students and researchers alike.

Types of teaching resource

Zed Books publishes different types of books, suitable for a range of courses, study levels and research.

Core texts

Core texts provide students and researchers with a direct overview of specific topics and are designed to support entire courses. Our Zed Scholar website makes it easy for you to request inspection copies of any title, so feel free to use the service as often as needed.

Supplementary reading

Supplementary texts are designed to provide students with additional insights into a specific topic — perfect for researching and writing an essay or dissertation. Our Zed Scholar website makes it easy for you to alert your librarian to such titles, so again, feel free to use the service as often as needed.

Critical introductions

We publish a variety of critical introductions for undergraduate and postgraduate courses across the social sciences. Within our collection, you’ll find critical introductions within every subject, including Area Studies, Development Studies, Politics and International Relations and Sociology.

Research monographs

Monographs, derived from the Greek “mono” (single) and “grapho” (to write), provide a comprehensive, thought provoking view on a single subject — perfect for specialised, postgraduate research. All of our African Studies and Development Studies research monographs are now available as digital library collections.

Digital collections for your institution library

Available for the first time through Zed Scholar are Zed Books’ eBook collections for institution libraries. We offer three main types of digital collection.

Series Collections

Entire Zed Books series available to your institution as an eBook collection. Our series span a wise range of subject specialisms and each series is designed with a specific level of learning in mind. For example, our African Arguments series consists of concise and accessible introductions to contemporary African society and politics, ideal for undergraduates, or anyone looking for an introduction to a specific region or topic within African Studies. Visit our series pages to find out which series are most suitable to the courses you teach.

Zed Scholar Digital Collections

These are collections of ebooks on an entire theme within a subject area, for example issues in contemporary African politics.

Zed Scholar Libraries

For example the Zed Scholar African Library, which features our entire Africa list as an eBook collection.

We are here to support you and your librarians in ensuring students and academics at your institution have access to the most up-to-date critical research published by Zed Books.

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