Available for the first time as an entire eBook collection, the African Nations Digital Collection is an essential collection in the field of African Studies. Unlike any other collection, it includes in-depth country analysis, including vital investigation on under-researched countries across the continent.

Featuring 21 titles from across Zed’s African Studies list, the African Nations Digital Collection examines the regions contemporary history and politics from the stand-point of individual African countries. This collection features some of the most unique country-level research from the world’s most reputable African politics publisher.

Suited to both undergraduate and postgraduate learning and research, this collection also includes crucial analysis of under-researched countries including Burkina Faso, Chad and Central African Republic, as well as many more.

Titles in collection

South Sudan's Civil War

Violence, Insurgency and Failed Peacemaking

John Young


Stories of Strength and Sorrow from Eastern Congo

Theodore Trefon and Noël Kabuyaya

Building a Capable State

Service Delivery in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Ian Palmer, Nishendra Moodley, and Susan Parnell

Burkina Faso

A History of Power, Protest, and Revolution

Ernest Harsch

Living by the Gun in Chad

Combatants, Impunity and State Formation

Marielle Debos

Year of Fire, Year of Ash

The Soweto Schoolchildren’s Revolt that Shook Apartheid

Baruch Hirson
With a Foreword by Shula Marks
New Edition

Israel and South Africa

The Many Faces of Apartheid

Edited by Ilan Pappé


A New History of a Turbulent Century

Richard Bourne

Making Sense of the Central African Republic

Edited by Tatiana Carayannis and Louisa Lombard

South Africa's Insurgent Citizens

On Dissent and the Possibility of Politics

Julian Brown

South Sudan

A Slow Liberation

Edward Thomas

The Fate of Sudan

The Origins and Consequences of a Flawed Peace Process

John Young

Charles Taylor and Liberia

Ambition and Atrocity in Africa's Lone Star State

Colin M. Waugh


What Went Wrong in Zimbabwe?

Richard Bourne

South Africa Pushed to the Limit

The Political Economy of Change

Hein Marais

The Congo Wars

Conflict, Myth and Reality

Thomas Turner


The Struggle for Democracy

Edited by Shadrack W. Nasong'o and Godwin R. Murunga


One Decade of the Liberal State

Edited by Kwame Boafo-Arthur

The Congo

Plunder and Resistance

Leo Zeilig, David Renton, and David Seddon

Reinventing Order in the Congo

How People Respond to State Failure in Kinshasa

Edited by Theodore Trefon

The Congo from Leopold to Kabila

A People's History

Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja
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