Discover the types of products we offer and why critical academic publishers like Zed Books are crucial to socially meaningful research and learning.

As a University librarian, you play a central part in the dissemination of academic knowledge and supporting critical academic publishers such as Zed Books, to publish socially and politically meaningful research.

Within today’s constantly evolving academic publishing landscape, you have to manage changes to library funding, content acquisition and stay informed on the latest issues. For example, challenges in the dissemination of research, such as the evolution of Plan S or ever changing subscription-based publishing models.

As with any industry, publishers have to strike a balance between profit and socially responsible and considered production. It may seem that academic publishers’ profits are increasing while university funding is dwindling, a situation you find yourself in the middle of.

Publishers, librarians and academics driven by the social value of education can work together to influence how academic knowledge is produced and shared. So we can promote social justice.

Critical academic publishers within the social sciences , often independent academic publishers, are generally very up-to-date on industry developments, but aren’t necessarily known for cultivating relationships directly with librarians due to size, reach and resources. However, this situation doesn’t help, given our shared social mission and commitment to excellence in research and learning.

Here at Zed Books, we’re on a journey to building great relationships with like-minded librarians. We consider librarians an important part of our community – centered around research and learning excellence. We view you as our ally in increasing access to academic and scientific knowledge and creating a more diverse academy.

Keep reading to discover what makes Zed Books different. Throughout this section, you’ll find resources on Zed Books products as well as information exploring our common ground.

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