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Hopefully you’re interested in purchasing a digital collection and that’s why you’ve come to this area of the Zed Scholar site. In order to assist you we have made KBART downloads for all our digital collections available here, for both PDF collections and ePub collections. Print edition data is available across our subject lists.

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Digital Collections

Series Collections

Name Format Format
Africa Now Digital CollectionKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)
African Arguments Digital CollectionKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)
Politics and Development in Contemporary Africa Digital CollectionKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)

Zed Scholar Digital Collections

Name Format Format
Conflict and Development Digital CollectionKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)
Country Specific Africa Digital CollectionKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)
Gender and Development Digital CollectionKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)
Thematic Africa Digital CollectionsKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)

Zed Scholar Libraries

Name Format Format
Zed Scholar Africa LibraryKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)



Name Format Format
Africa NowKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)
African ArgumentsKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)
African Popular CultureKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)
Blackness in BritainKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)
Critique Influence ChangeKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)
Development EssentialsKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)
Development MattersKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)
Economic ControversiesKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)
Exquisite CorpseKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)
Feminisms and DevelopmentKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)
In CommonKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)
International Studies in Poverty ResearchKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)
Just SustainabilitiesKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)
Politics and Development in Contemporary AfricaKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)
Politics and Society in Urban AfricaKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)
World Political TheoriesKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)

All available titles

Titles available in:

Name Format Format
Print and ebookKBART (ePub)KBART (PDF)
Print onlyKBART
eBook onlyKBART (ePub)