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We’re on a mission to promote critical academic publishing and directly address the politics of academic publishing. Across the world, the academy needs more diversity. We acknowledge that a Westernised production of knowledge oppresses minorities across the globe.

Our publishing history and current processes contributes and supports our social and political mission of increasing diversity within academia as well as expanding access to different types of knowledge and scholarly works across the globe.

Diversity and inclusion within the academy

We are academic publishing’s strongest advocates for diversity.

As an academic press, we’re committed to encouraging diversity throughout all aspects of the publishing process from initial submissions to peer reviews and ultimately, publication and distribution. Not supporting diversity within academic publishing directly impacts on how we collectively construct the idea of ‘knowledge.’ This perpetuates a lack of representation and biased or skewed viewpoints.

Promoting diversity, in all of its forms within the academy, requires a closer relationship between librarians at academic institutions and critical academic publishers like Zed Books. Together we can represent a wider range of voices.

Decolonising the academy

Despite efforts, the academy remains a centre of Western knowledge production and as such, continues to foster considerable social imbalances and political injustices across the world.

To address this issue, we need to bring more voices and viewpoints to light and make sure students have access to this research. We support librarians to access and disseminate critical texts, so we can expand students’ horizons and help them consider our world from a global perspective.

Internationalism and the developing world

Critical academic publishers like Zed Books play a crucial role in the movement to decolonise the Western academy. The academy, as the centre of Western knowledge production, continues to foster considerable social imbalances and political injustices across the world. Sensitivity towards such matters is a crucial responsibility of academic publishing.

Zed Books is home to perhaps, the world’s most respected list of texts on internationalism and the developing world. Over decades, we have consistently published research on the global South and supported academics based in developing nations.

Together We Can Address These Issues

We view librarians as our allies. Together we can champion the value of diversity, inclusion and decolonisation. So, we can achieve our main objectives of increasing research and learning excellence, access to knowledge, and welcoming all voices to and within the academy — ultimately, contributing to a more equal and just world.

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Why is peer review so important?

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