How to purchase products from Zed Books

There are a number of ways to purchase Zed Books’ products, including our Zed Scholar Digital Collections.

The books in our collections are available to institutional libraries through a perpetual access license and new titles will be added to each series collection annually. You can find them through EBSCO and ProQuest, or get in touch directly with Zed Books.

Digital collections

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EBSCO, ProQuest

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We want to support you in making sure students and academics at your institution have access to the most up-to-date critical research published by Zed Books. Visit the download centre for product data downloads, including KBART files or contact Zed Books directly to purchase a Digital Collection.


Purchase through existing providers

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Why is peer review so important?

Learn more about the various types of peer review, why it’s so important, what the social and political considerations of peer review are and how we use it at Zed Books.