Learn more about becoming a Zed Books partner and the world-renowned organisations we already partner with.

For over four decades Zed Books has partnered with world leading organisations, building respected academic brands and publishing a broad selection of content, from award-winning specialist book series spanning years to one-off publications bringing together experts from across the globe.

We’re proud to work with a range of organisations, including learned societies, institutes and social justice organisations and it is here that our expertise lies. We provide support across every aspect of the publishing process, and create bespoke arrangements with all the organisations we partner with. We are able to support our partners with strategic editorial and creative direction, product development, including peer review management and product manufacture as well as global physical and digital distribution networks.

In addition to this, we’re not afraid to partner with organisations that have explicit social and political missions. We believe better access to education and knowledge is a key driver for social change.

In this section of Zed Scholar you will discover how Zed Books can support your institution in producing a research output of the highest quality.

Why is peer review so important?

Learn more about the various types of peer review, why it’s so important, what the social and political considerations of peer review are and how we use it at Zed Books.

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