How we market series

Marketing a book is as important to the publishing process as developing and producing the physical and digital copies. The marketing process however doesn’t start until after a book has been contracted. We begin the marketing process by positioning a book for the right readership and this is true of every book we publish, unless it’s in a series.

Marketing a series is different from marketing an individual title, and it’s simply a matter of fact that a series can run for years before a particular title is contracted, edited, produced, marketed and sold.

As a specialist academic publisher, we reach the right readership through a combination of expertly crafted data, strategic marketing and communications plans and carefully chosen marketing, sales and distribution channels. In the case of series, the marketing begins with the building of a series identity, or brand. This is an in-depth process that can involve experts from the field, editorial boards, series editors, commissioning editors, funders and other supporting stakeholders, as well as of course the relevant teams from Zed Books and the official partner organisation where there is one.

As a potential partner organisation, or series editor, you have a unique understanding of the communities and networks within your field. You will also know that those networks have specific requirements and needs. We recognise this fact and that is why we are committed to developing and implementing bespoke series marketing and communication strategies as well as individual title strategies to ensure the impact of every Zed Books series.

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