Why partner with Zed Books?

As an academic press, we pride ourselves on our scholarly publishing services. We produce award-winning books featuring the highest quality research. We work with a variety of organisations to further their research and publish socially and politically meaningful content. Our support is characterized by in-depth subject knowledge and shared values. We provide expert editorial services, ensure exceptional production quality and provide access to global marketing and sales channels across academic, specialist and trade publishing.

Over four decades, we’ve developed a reputation as the go-to academic publisher for internationally focused, critical social science research. Our work involves curating challenging, sometimes controversial subject matter developed by institutions and groups of researchers wanting to critically examine the status quo, often including commonly held assumptions within their fields.

Originations driven not only by exceptional research and publication standards, but also by the desire to enhance diversity within their fields come to Zed Books. We are exceptionally proud to partner with many remarkable institutions, societies and organisations committed to social and climate justice.

Why is peer review so important?

Learn more about the various types of peer review, why it’s so important, what the social and political considerations of peer review are and how we use it at Zed Books.