Critique Influence Change

Critique Influence Change is published by Zed Books

Critique confronts the world. Without dogma, without new principles, it refuses to conform and instead demands insurrection of thought. Influence is a step from critique toward the future, when effects begin to be felt, when them ground becomes unstable, when a movement ignites. Change is when the structures shift. The books in this series – carefully curated re-issues of landmark Zed titles from our forty-year history – take critique as their starting point and as such have influenced politics, their respective disciplines and thought the world over.

Titles in series

Another World Is Possible

World Social Forum Proposals for an Alternative Globalization

Edited by William Fisher and Thomas Ponniah
With a Foreword by Boaventura De Sousa Santos

Marxism and the Muslim World

Maxime Rodinson
With a Foreword by Gilbert Achcar
Translated by Michael Pallis

Male Daughters, Female Husbands

Gender and Sex in an African Society

Ifi Amadiume
With a Foreword by Pat Caplan

Planet Dialectics

Explorations in Environment and Development

Wolfgang Sachs
With a Foreword by Susan George

A Fundamental Fear

Eurocentrism and the Emergence of Islamism

S. Sayyid
With a Foreword by Hamid Dabashi

The Lords of Human Kind

European Attitudes to Other Cultures in the Imperial Age

Victor Kiernan
With a Foreword by John Trumpbour
and a Tribute to Victor Kiernan by Eric Hobsbawm

Debating Cultural Hybridity

Multicultural Identities and the Politics of Anti-Racism

Edited by Pnina Werbner and Tariq Modood
With a Foreword by Homi Bhabha

Grassroots Postmodernism

Remaking the Soil of Cultures

Gustavo Esteva and Madhu Suri Prakash
With a Foreword by Vandana Shiva

Patriarchy and Accumulation on a World Scale

Women in the International Division of Labour

Maria Mies
With a Foreword by Silvia Federici


Maria Mies and Vandana Shiva
With a Foreword by Ariel Salleh

Global Governance and the New Wars

The Merging of Development and Security

Mark Duffield
With a Foreword by Antonio Donini

Capitalism in the Age of Globalization

The Management of Contemporary Society

Samir Amin
With a Foreword by John Bellamy Foster

Realizing Hope

Life Beyond Capitalism

Michael Albert
With a Foreword by Noam Chomsky

Reclaiming Development

An Alternative Economic Policy Manual

Ha-Joon Chang and Ilene Grabel
With a Foreword by Robert H. Wade
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