International Studies in Poverty Research

International Studies in Poverty Research is published in association with Comparative Research Programme on Poverty (CROP), part of the International Science Council (ISC), hosted by the University of Bergen.

The CROP series on International Studies in Poverty Research presents expert research and essential analyses of different aspects of poverty worldwide. By promoting a fuller understanding of the nature, extent, depth, distribution, trends, causes and effects of poverty, this series will contribute to knowledge concerning the reduction and eradication of poverty at global, regional, national and local levels.

Titles in series

Tax Justice and Global Inequality

Practical Solutions to Protect Developing Country Revenues

Edited by Krishen Mehta, Esther Shubert, and Erika Dayle Siu

Poverty as Ideology

Rescuing Social Justice from Global Development Agendas

Andrew Martin Fischer

Peasant Poverty and Persistence in the Twenty-First Century

Theories, Debates, Realities and Policies

Edited by Julio Boltvinik and Susan Archer Mann

Poverty and Inequality in Middle Income Countries

Policy Achievements, Political Obstacles

Edited by Einar Braathen, Julian May, Marianne Ulriksen, and Gemma C. Wright

Development and Sustainability

The Challenge of Social Change

Edited by Alberto Cimadamore, Maurice Mittelmark, Gro Therese Lie, and Fungisai P. Gwanzura Ottemöller

Poverty and the Millennium Development Goals

A Critical Look Forward

Edited by Alberto Cimadamore, Gabriele Koehler, and Thomas Pogge

Protecting the Health of the Poor

Social Movements in the South

Edited by Abraar Karan and Geeta Sodhi

Water and Development

Good Governance after Neoliberalism

Edited by Ronaldo Munck, Narathius Asingwire, Honor Fagan, and Consolata Kabonesa

Poverty and Water

Explorations of the Reciprocal Relationship

Edited by David Hemson, Kassim Kulindwa, Haakon Lein, and Adolfo Mascarenhas

Eliminating Human Poverty

Macroeconomic and Social Policies for Equitable Growth

Santosh Mehrotra and Enrique Delamonica


An International Glossary

Edited by Paul Spicker, Sonia Alvarez Leguizamón, and David Gordon

Poverty and Social Deprivation in the Mediterranean

Trends, Policies and Welfare Prospects in the New Millennium

Edited by Maria Petmesidou and Christos Papatheodoru

International Poverty Law

An Emerging Discourse

Edited by Lucy Williams

Indigenous Peoples and Poverty

An International Perspective

Edited by Robyn Eversole, John-Andrew McNeish, and Alberto D. Cimadamore

Elite Perceptions of Poverty and Inequality

Edited by Elisa Reis and Mick Moore

Law and Poverty

The Legal System and Poverty Reduction

Edited by Lucy Williams, Asbjørn Kjønstad, and Peter Robson

Best Practices in Poverty Reduction

An Analytical Framework

Edited by Else Øyen et al.

The Poverty of Rights

Human Rights and the Eradication of Poverty

Edited by Willem van Genugten and Camilo Perez Bustillo

Poverty Reduction

What Role for the State in Today's Globalized Economy

Edited by Francis Wilson, Nazneen Kanji, and Einar Braathen
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