Development Studies

Zed Books pioneered the UK’s first Development Studies list. It is now home to arguably the world’s most reputable critical Development Studies list.

For decades the Development Studies list has comfortably attracted some of the most notable figures in the field, from Ha-Joon Chang and Vandana Shiva to Samir Amin and Wolfgang Sachs. The Development Studies list at Zed Books can be viewed as a strictly critical development studies list, but also as a wider umbrella for Zed Books’ Humanitarian Studies, Human Geography, Environmental Studies and Health and Medicine lists.

As Zed Books’ largest subject, the Development Studies list encompasses research from across the following disciplines: Human Geography, Environment, Health and Medicine, Population, Humanitarianism, Sustainable Development, Economics, Culture, Development Theory, International Politics, Poverty, Agriculture, Post-colonialism, History, Urban Studies, Gender and Sexuality studies as well as country specific studies.

Titles in subject

Africa's Shadow Rise

China and the Mirage of African Economic Development

Padraig Carmody, Peter Kragelund, and Ricardo Reboredo

Undoing Coups

The African Union and Post-coup Intervention in Madagascar

Antonia Witt

Africa and the Backlash Against International Courts

Peter Brett and Line Engbo Gissel

AIDS in the Shadow of Biomedicine

Inside South Africa's Epidemic

Isak Niehaus
Published in association with the International African Institute

Global Perspectives on Violence against Women and Girls

Tamsin Bradley

Development Planning in South Africa

Provincial Policy and State Power in the Eastern Cape

John Reynolds

Urban Sustainability and Justice

Just Sustainabilities and Environmental Planning

Vanesa Castán Broto and Linda Westman

Kakuma Refugee Camp

Humanitarian Urbanism in Kenya's Accidental City

Bram J. Jansen

Food Aid in Sudan

A History of Power, Politics and Profit

Susanne Jaspars

Clothing Poverty

The Hidden World of Fast Fashion and Second-Hand Clothes

Andrew Brooks Revised and Expanded Edition

Research, Political Engagement and Dispossession

Indigenous, Peasant and Urban Poor Activisms in the Americas and Asia

Edited by Dip Kapoor and Steven Jordan

BRICS and Resistance in Africa

Contention, Assimilation and Co-optation

Edited by Justin van der Merwe, Patrick Bond, and Nicole Dodd

Climate Futures

Re-imagining Global Climate Justice

Edited by Kum-Kum Bhavnani, John Foran, Priya A. Kurian, and Debashish Munshi

The Development Dictionary

A Guide to Knowledge as Power

Edited by Wolfgang Sachs Development Essentials Edition

The Myth of Development

Non-viable Economies and the Crisis of Civilization

Oswaldo De Rivero Development Essentials Edition

The History of Development

From Western Origins to Global Faith

Gilbert Rist
Translated by Patrick Camiller
Development Essentials Edition

A Radical History of Development Studies

Individuals, Institutions and Ideologies

Edited by Uma Kothari Development Essentials Edition

South Sudan’s Injustice System

Law and Activism on the Frontline

Rachel Ibreck
With a preface by Alex de Waal

Business, Power and Sustainability in a World of Global Value Chains

Stefano Ponte

The Political Economy of Conflict and Violence against Women

Cases from the South

Edited by Kumudini Samuel, Claire Slatter and Vagisha Gunasekara for DAWN

Social Media and Politics in Africa

Democracy, Censorship and Security

Edited by Maggie Dwyer and Thomas Molony

China, Africa, and the Future of the Internet

Iginio Gagliardone

Negotiating Public Services in the Congo

State, Society and Governance

Edited by Tom De Herdt and Kristof Titeca

Agricultural Reform in Rwanda

Authoritarianism, Markets and Zones of Governance

Chris Huggins
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