This trailblazing, world-leading education list challenges global education systems based on imperialist and colonialist regimes, challenging the very constructions of ‘research’, ‘education’ and ‘scholarship’.

Tackling present day issues that are the result of embedded imperialist regimes of knowledge, the Education list gives voice to movements for the decolonisation of Western education systems, indigenous struggles for social justice and reclaiming ways of indigenous knowledge. Themes across the list include intersectionality, Indigenous way of knowing, decolonising the curriculum, the politics of race and white supremacy, colonialism, cultural power and anti-racist scholarship.

Titles in subject

Working with Conflict 2

Skills and Strategies for Action

Simon Fisher, Vesna Matovic, Bridget Ann Walker, and Dylan Mathews

Decolonizing Research

Indigenous Storywork as Methodology

Edited by Jo-Ann Archibald, Jenny Lee-Morgan and Jason De Santolo
With a Foreword by Linda Tuhiwai Smith

The Good University

What Universities Actually Do and Why It’s Time for Radical Change

Raewyn Connell

Poverty and Inequality in Middle Income Countries

Policy Achievements, Political Obstacles

Edited by Einar Braathen, Julian May, Marianne Ulriksen, and Gemma C. Wright

Development and Sustainability

The Challenge of Social Change

Edited by Alberto Cimadamore, Maurice Mittelmark, Gro Therese Lie, and Fungisai P. Gwanzura Ottemöller

Decolonizing Solidarity

Dilemmas and Directions for Supporters of Indigenous Struggles

Clare Land
With a Foreword by Gary Foley

Communication for Another Development

Listening before Telling

Wendy Quarry and Ricardo Ramirez

A Will of Their Own

Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Working Children

Manfred Liebel

Becoming an Ally

Breaking the Cycle of Oppression

Anne Bishop

Adult Education at the Crossroads

Learning our way out

Matthias Finger and Jose Manuel Asun

The Political Economy of Adult Education and Development

Frank Youngman

Sustainability and the Social Sciences

A Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Integrating Environmental Considerations into Theoretical Reorientation

Edited by Thomas Jahn and Egon Becker

Learning in Social Action

A Contribution to Understanding Informal Education

Griff Foley

Gramsci, Freire and Adult Education

Possibilities for Transformative Action

Peter Mayo

Gender, Education and Development

Beyond Access to Empowerment

Edited by Christine Heward and Sheila Bunwaree

Women's Studies and Culture

A Feminist Introduction

Anneke Smelik and Rosemarie Buikema

Globalization, Adult Education and Training

Impacts and Issues

Edited by Shirley Walters

Academic Freedom 4

Education and Human Rights

Edited by Ximena Erazo, Mike Kirkwood, and Frederiek de Vlaming
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