A large subsection of Zed Book’s Development Studies list, the Environment list focuses on the links between global development, capitalism and the changing climate.

This Environment list spans a number of subjects including Development Studies, Geography, Urban Studies as well as all our Area Studies lists. It covering a broad range of themes from climate change, gender and the environment, green growth, natural resources, mining, oil, food security, grassroots activism, links between colonialism, capitalism, conflict and changing climate, green economics, to indigenous politics. As with all our subject lists, the Zed Books’ Environment list has a truly global focus, affording equal assessment to issues and politics from the global South and North, as well as the politics of the inevitable, approaching mass migration due to our heating world.

Titles in subject

Intercultural Urbanism

City Planning from the Ancient World to the Modern Day

Dean Saitta

Clothing Poverty

The Hidden World of Fast Fashion and Second-Hand Clothes

Andrew Brooks Revised and Expanded Edition

Climate Futures

Re-imagining Global Climate Justice

Edited by Kum-Kum Bhavnani, John Foran, Priya A. Kurian, and Debashish Munshi

The Development Dictionary

A Guide to Knowledge as Power

Edited by Wolfgang Sachs Development Essentials Edition

Business, Power and Sustainability in a World of Global Value Chains

Stefano Ponte

Standing Rock

Greed, Oil and the Lakota's Struggle for Justice

Bikem Ekberzade

Ecofeminism as Politics

Nature, Marx and the Postmodern

Ariel Salleh
With Forewords by Vandana Shiva and John Clark
Second Edition

Expose, Oppose, Propose

Alternative Policy Groups and the Struggle for Global Justice

William K. Carroll

Redefining Genocide

Settler Colonialism, Social Death and Ecocide

Damien Short

Congo's Environmental Paradox

Potential and Predation in a Land of Plenty

Theodore Trefon

Soil, Not Oil

Climate Change, Peak Oil and Food Insecurity

Vandana Shiva New Edition

Earth Democracy

Justice, Sustainability and Peace

Vandana Shiva New Edition

Green Growth

Ideology, Political Economy and the Alternatives

Edited by Gareth Dale, Manu V. Mathai, and Jose A. Puppim de Oliveira


People, Place and Politics

Jenny Pickerill

Water and Development

Good Governance after Neoliberalism

Edited by Ronaldo Munck, Narathius Asingwire, Honor Fagan, and Consolata Kabonesa

Contested Powers

The Politics of Energy and Development in Latin America

Edited by John-Andrew McNeish, Axel Borchgrevink, and Owen Logan

Practising Feminist Political Ecologies

Moving Beyond the 'Green Economy'

Edited by Wendy Harcourt and Ingrid L. Nelson

Africa's New Oil

Power, Pipelines and Future Fortunes

Celeste Hicks

Social and Solidarity Economy

Beyond the Fringe

Edited by Peter Utting

Breathing Space

The Natural and Unnatural History of Air

Mark Everard

Planet Dialectics

Explorations in Environment and Development

Wolfgang Sachs
With a Foreword by Susan George

Fast Fashion

A Cut from Clothing Poverty with Exclusive New Content

Andrew Brooks eBook Only

Understanding Energy and Energy Policy

Timothy Braun and Lisa Glidden

The Remaking of Social Contracts

Feminists in a Fierce New World

Edited by Gita Sen and Marina Durano
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