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War and Peace in Central America

Dirk Kruijt


Can We Do Without It?

Massimo L. Salvadori

The Palestinians

From Peasants to Revolutionaries

Rosemary Sayigh
With a New Foreword by Noam Chomsky

Bipolar Orders

The Two Koreas since 1989

Hyung Gu Lynn

Power and Contestation

India since 1989

Nivedita Menon and Aditya Nigam

The Bible and Zionism

Invented Traditions, Archaeology and Post-Colonialism in Palestine-Israel

Nur Masalha

On the Move

The Caribbean since 1989

Alejandra Bronfman

The Congo Wars

Conflict, Myth and Reality

Thomas Turner


One Decade of the Liberal State

Edited by Kwame Boafo-Arthur

The Congo

Plunder and Resistance

Leo Zeilig, David Renton, and David Seddon

Living with Reform

China since 1989

Timothy Cheek

Dictatorship, Imperialism and Chaos

Iraq since 1989

Thabit A J Abdullah

The Burdens of Freedom

Eastern Europe since 1989

Padraic Kenney

Destination in Doubt

Russia since 1989

Stephen Lovell

First World Dreams

Mexico since 1989

Alexander S. Dawson

A Threat from Within

A Century of Jewish Opposition to Zionism

Yakov M. Rabkin

Pioneers of Islamic Revival

Edited by Ali Rahnema


Living in the Crossfire

Alan George

A Kingdom under Siege

Nepal's Maoist Insurgency, 1996 to 2004

Deepak Thapa with Bandita Sijapati

Islam and Liberty

The Historical Misunderstanding

Mohamed Charfi

Empire and Imperialism

A Critical Reading of Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri

Atilio A. Boron

America's Other War

Terrorizing Colombia

Doug Stokes

Genocide, War Crimes and the West

History and Complicity

Edited by Adam Jones

From Empire to Republic

Turkish Nationalism and the Armenian Genocide

Taner Akçam
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