Philosophy and Cultural Studies

The Philosophy and Cultural Studies lists at Zed Books focus on theory, from an international, rather than explicitly European, Anglophone or ‘Western’ perspectives.

Much of these lists underpin our Politics, Postcolonial Studies and Gender and Sexualities Studies lists and as such are characterised by a critique of capitalism, labour theory, feminist, queer and postcolonial theory, theories of (non)violence, Marxist and post-Marxist strands with a particular focus on theories of the Commons.

Titles in subject

Decolonizing Methodologies

Research and Indigenous Peoples

Linda Tuhiwai Smith Third Edition

Rebranding Precarity

Pop-up Culture as the Seductive New Normal

Ella Harris

The Muslim Speaks

Khurram Hussain

Work Want Work

Labour and Desire at the End of Capitalism

Mareile Pfannebecker and J. A. Smith


PrEP, Pedagogy, and the Politics of Barebacking

Edited by Ricky Varghese and afterword by Tim Dean

Clothing Poverty

The Hidden World of Fast Fashion and Second-Hand Clothes

Andrew Brooks Revised and Expanded Edition

The Unknowers

How Strategic Ignorance Rules the World

Linsey McGoey

Just War and the Responsibility to Protect

A Critique

Robin Dunford and Michael Neu

Queer Asia

Decolonising and Reimagining Sexuality and Gender

Edited by J. Daniel Luther and Jennifer Ung Loh


Moral Panics and Media Myths

James Morrison

The Fire Now

Anti-Racist Scholarship in Times of Explicit Racial Violence

Edited by Azeezat Johnson, Remi Joseph-Salisbury and Beth Kamunge
With a Foreword by Christina Sharpe
Afterword by George Yancy

CEO Society

The Corporate Takeover of Everyday Life

Peter Bloom and Carl Rhodes

Happy Abortions

Our Bodies in the Era of Choice

Erica Millar

Cosmic Shift

Russian Contemporary Art Writing

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Boris Groys, Pavel Pepperstein, Dmitri Prigov, Anton Vidokle, Andrey Monastyrsky and Arseny Zhilyaev among many others
Edited by Elena Zaytseva and Alex Anikina
Foreword by Bart De Baere

Perspectives on Commoning

Autonomist Principles and Practices

Edited by Guido Ruivenkamp and Andy Hilton

Usurping Suicide

The Political Resonances of Individual Deaths

Suman Gupta

Theatre and Cultural Struggle under Apartheid

Robert Mshengu Kavanagh
With a Foreword by Ian Steadman
New Edition

Land, Freedom and Fiction

History and Ideology in Kenya

David Maughan-Brown
With a Foreword by Stephen Clingman
New Edition

Theory of African Literature

Implications for Practical Criticism

Chidi Amuta
With a Foreword by Biodun Jeyifo

African, American

From Tarzan to Dreams from My Father – Africa in the US Imagination

David Peterson del Mar

Omnia Sunt Communia

On the Commons and the Transformation to Postcapitalism

Massimo De Angelis

Why the Dalai Lama is a Socialist

Buddhism and the Compassionate Society

Terry Gibbs

Histories of Violence

Post-war Critical Thought

Edited by Brad Evans and Terrell Carver

Virgin Envy

The Cultural Insignificance of the Hymen

Edited by Jonathan A. Allan, Cristina Santos, and Adriana Spahr
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