Postcolonial Studies

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South Africa, Settler Colonialism and the Failures of Liberal Democracy

Thiven Reddy

Venezuela Reframed

Bolivarianism, Indigenous Peoples and Socialisms of the Twenty-First Century

Luis Fernando Angosto-Ferrández

Making Sense of the Central African Republic

Edited by Tatiana Carayannis and Louisa Lombard

Decolonizing Solidarity

Dilemmas and Directions for Supporters of Indigenous Struggles

Clare Land
With a Foreword by Gary Foley

Africa's Return Migrants

The New Developers?

Edited by Lisa Åkesson and Maria Eriksson Baaz

Another World Is Possible

World Social Forum Proposals for an Alternative Globalization

Edited by William Fisher and Thomas Ponniah
With a Foreword by Boaventura De Sousa Santos

Can Non-Europeans Think?

Hamid Dabashi
With a Foreword by Walter Mignolo

Ghost Cities of China

The Story of Cities without People in the World's Most Populated Country

Wade Shepard

Male Daughters, Female Husbands

Gender and Sex in an African Society

Ifi Amadiume
With a Foreword by Pat Caplan

A Fundamental Fear

Eurocentrism and the Emergence of Islamism

S. Sayyid
With a Foreword by Hamid Dabashi

The Lords of Human Kind

European Attitudes to Other Cultures in the Imperial Age

Victor Kiernan
With a Foreword by John Trumpbour
and a Tribute to Victor Kiernan by Eric Hobsbawm

Debating Cultural Hybridity

Multicultural Identities and the Politics of Anti-Racism

Edited by Pnina Werbner and Tariq Modood
With a Foreword by Homi Bhabha

Land and Freedom

The MST, the Zapatistas and Peasant Alternatives to Neoliberalism

Leandro Vergara-Camus

Climate Change and Human Development

Hannah Reid

Anders Breivik and the Rise of Islamophobia

Sindre Bangstad

Chinese Migrants and Africa's Development

New Imperialists or Agents of Change?

Ben Lampert, May Tan-Mullins, Daphne Chang, and Giles Mohan

Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power

Capitalism, Creativity and the Commons

Max Haiven

Protest Camps

Anna Feigenbaum, Fabian Frenzel, and Patrick McCurdy

Depicting the Veil

Transnational Sexism and the War on Terror

Robin L. Riley

Spoiling Tibet

China and Resource Nationalism on the Roof of the World

Gabriel Lafitte


Processes of Change

John Crabtree and Ann Chaplin

The Sexual History of the Global South

Sexual Politics in Africa, Asia and Latin America

Edited by Saskia Wieringa and Horacio Sívori

Latin America's Turbulent Transitions

The Future of Twenty-First Century Socialism

Roger Burbach, Michael Fox, and Federico Fuentes

Politics of Origin in Africa

Autochthony, Citizenship and Conflict

Morten Bøås and Kevin C. Dunn
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