The Sociology list at Zed Books focusses on the socio-political and socio-economic aspects of inequality. As such it spans gender, queer, race and postcolonial theories, including identity politics and its critique. Repeating themes include representation, citizenship and the effect of neoliberalism on individuals and society, including media, work, nationalism and migration.

Common themes across the Zed Books Sociology list migration, resisting neoliberal globalisation and examining rising inequality, especially disparities in wealth, both locally and globally. The list is critical of neoliberal capitalism and includes some cross-over with subjects including political economy and poverty studies. The Zed Books’ Sociology list contains a highly unique strand of research into international social movements.

Titles in subject

Facing Patriarchy

From a Violent Gender Order to a Culture of Peace

Professor Bob Pease

Morbid Symptoms

The Global Rise of the Far-Right

Owen Worth


Moral Panics and Media Myths

James Morrison

Poverty as Ideology

Rescuing Social Justice from Global Development Agendas

Andrew Martin Fischer

As an Equal?

Au Pairing in the 21st Century

Rosie Cox and Nicky Busch

CEO Society

The Corporate Takeover of Everyday Life

Peter Bloom and Carl Rhodes

Researching Sex and Sexualities

Edited by Charlotte Morris, Paul Boyce, Andrea Cornwall, Hannah Frith, Laura Harvey, and Yingying Huang
With a Foreword by Meg-John Barker

After Charlie Hebdo

Terror, Racism and Free Speech

Edited by Gavan Titley, Des Freedman, Gholam Khiabany, and Aurélien Mondon

Usurping Suicide

The Political Resonances of Individual Deaths

Suman Gupta

War in the Blood

Sex, Politics and AIDS in Southeast Asia

Chris Beyrer Updated and Expanded Edition

African, American

From Tarzan to Dreams from My Father – Africa in the US Imagination

David Peterson del Mar

Babies for Sale?

Transnational Surrogacy, Human Rights and the Politics of Reproduction

Edited by Miranda Davies


The Last Acceptable Form of Racism

Aidan McGarry

Histories of Violence

Post-war Critical Thought

Edited by Brad Evans and Terrell Carver

Business and Society

A Critical Introduction

Kean Birch, Mark Peacock, Richard Wellen, Caroline Hossein, Sonya Scott, and Alberto Salazar

The Rise of Africa's Middle Class

Myths, Realities and Critical Engagements

Edited by Henning Melber

One World Mania

A Critical Guide to Free Trade, Financialization and Over-Globalization

Graham Dunkley

No Borders

The Politics of Immigration Control and Resistance

Natasha King

The Mediated City

The News in a Post-Industrial Context

Stephen Coleman, Nancy Thumim, Chris Birchall, et al.

Leftover Women

The Resurgence of Gender Inequality in China

Leta Hong Fincher

Expose, Oppose, Propose

Alternative Policy Groups and the Struggle for Global Justice

William K. Carroll

Slumming It

The Tourist Valorization of Urban Poverty

Fabian Frenzel

The Punitive City

Privatized Policing and Protection in Neoliberal Mexico

Markus-Michael Müller

Activism in Jordan

Pénélope Larzilliére
Translated by Cynthia Schoch
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