Debating Cultural Hybridity

Multicultural Identities and the Politics of Anti-Racism

Edited by Pnina Werbner and Tariq Modood
With a Foreword by Homi Bhabha


A classic collection on the fluid nature of culture and identity from some of the world's greatest post-colonial thinkers.
Why is it still so difficult to negotiate differences across cultures? In what ways does racism continue to strike at the foundations of multiculturalism?

Bringing together some of the world's most influential postcolonial theorists, this classic collection examines the place and meaning of cultural hybridity in the context of growing global crisis, xenophobia and racism.

Starting from the reality that personal identities are multicultural identities, Debating Cultural Hybridity illuminates the complexity and the flexibility of culture and identity, defining their potential openness as well as their closures, to show why anti-racism and multiculturalism are today still such hard roads to travel.

Author Bio

Pnina Werbner is professor emerita in social anthropology at Keele University. She is an urban anthropologist who has studied Muslim South Asians in Britain and Pakistan and, more recently, the women’s movement and the Manual Workers Union in Botswana.

Tariq Modood is professor of sociology, politics and public policy at the University of Bristol and the founding director of the Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship. His website is

Table of Contents

  • Foreword - Homi K. Bhabha
  • Preface to the Critique Influence Change Edition
  • Preface to the First Edition
  • 1. Introduction: The Dialectics of Cultural Hybridity - Pnina Werbner
  • Part I: Hybridity, Globalisation and the Practice of Cultural Complexity
    • 2. From Complex Culture to Cultural Complexity - Hans-Rudolf Wicker
    • 3. The Making and Unmaking of Strangers - Zygmunt Bauman
    • 4. Identity and Difference in a Globalised World - Alberto Melucci
    • 5. Global Crises, the Struggle for Cultural Identity and Intellectual Porkbarrelling: Cosmopolitans versus Locals, Ethnics and Nationals in an Era of De-hegemonisation - Jonathan Friedman
    • 6. 'The Enigma of Arrival': Hybridity and Authenticity in the Global Space - Peter Van Der Veer
    • 7. Adorno at Womad: South Asian Crossovers and the Limits of Hybridity-Talk - John Hutnyk
  • Part II: Essentialism versus Hybridity: Negotiating Difference
    • 8. Is It So Diffcult to be an Anti-Racist? - Michel Wieviorka
    • 9. 'Difference', Cultural Racism and Anti-Racism - Tariq Modood
    • 10. Constructions of Whiteness in European and American Anti-Racism - Alastair Bonnett
    • 11. Ethnicity, Gender Relations and Multiculturalism - Nira Yuval-Davis
    • 12. Dominant and Demotic Discourses of Culture: Their Relevance to Multi-Ethnic Alliances - Gerd Baumann
    • 13. Essentialising Essentialism, Essentialising Silence: Ambivalence and Multiplicity in the Constructions of Racism and Ethnicity - Pnina Werbner
  • Part III: Mapping Hybridity
    • 14. Tracing Hybridity in Theory - Nikos Papastergiadis
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Index


'It is marvellous to see this early collection of classic insightful articles on hybridity published again, with new introductions.'
Jan Nederveen Pieterse, University of California, Santa Barbara

'An indispensable classic text for anyone interested in a complex and nuanced analysis of questions of culture, identity and hybridity.'
Avtar Brah, co-editor of Hybridity and its Discontents

'Offers a superb set of essays to understand the complexity of this experience and its political and social implications.'
Ien Ang, University of Western Sydney

'Timely and insightful. It is a must for all people concerned with the burning questions of our current time.'
Ato Quayson, University of Toronto

'Even more necessary today than when it was first published.'
Ricard Zapata-Barrero, founder of the Interdisciplinary Research Group on Immigration

'The indispensable guide to hybridity.'
Jan Dobbernack, University of Lincoln


Publication Date: 8 January 2015
320 pages

Product ISBNs: Paperback 2nd Edition: 9781783601615
eBook ePub 2nd Edition: 9781783601899
eBook PDF 2nd Edition: 9781783601882
eBook Kindle 2nd Edition: 9781783601905
Library Edition: 9781856494236

Previous Editions: Paperback 1st Edition: 9781856494243

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