Ecofeminism as Politics

Nature, Marx and the Postmodern

Ariel Salleh
With Forewords by Vandana Shiva and John Clark

Second Edition


Updates Ariel Salleh’s landmark exploration of the relationship between feminism and ecology.

Ecofeminism as Politics is now a classic, being the first work to offer a joined-up framework for green, socialist, feminist and postcolonial thinking, showing how these have been held back by conceptual confusions over gender. Originally published in 1997, it argues that ecofeminism reaches beyond contemporary social movement ideologies and practices, by prefiguring a political synthesis of four-revolutions-in-one: ecology is feminism is socialism is postcolonial struggle. Ariel Salleh addresses discourses on class, science, the body, culture and nature, and her innovative reading of Marx converges the philosophy of internal relations with the organic materiality of everyday life.

This new edition features forewords by Indian ecofeminist Vandana Shiva and US philosopher John Clark, a new introduction, and a recent conversation between Salleh and younger scholar activists.

Author Bio

Ariel Salleh is a founding member of the Global University for Sustainability, Hong Kong; a visiting professor of culture, philosophy and environment at Nelson Mandela University; and a research associate in political economy at the University of Sydney. She also co-founded the Movement Against Uranium Mining in Australia. Her other works include Eco-Sufficiency & Global Justice: Women Write Political Ecology (2009).

Table of Contents

  • Foreword by John Clark
  • Foreword by Vandana Shiva
  • Preface to the First Edition
  • Introduction to the Twentieth Anniversary Edition
  • Part I: Women and Ecopolitics
    • 1. Ecology Reframes History
    • 2. Ecofeminist Actions
  • Part II: An Embodied Materialism
    • 3. Body Logic: 1/0 Culture
    • 4. Man/Woman=Nature
    • 5. For and Against Marx
    • 6. The Deepest Contradiction
  • Part III: Making Postcolonial Sense
    • 7. When Feminism Fails
    • 8. Terra Nullius
    • 9. A Barefoot Epistemology
    • 10. As Energy/Labour Flows
    • 11. Agents of Complexity
  • 12. Beyond Virtual Movements
  • Interview: Embodied Materialism in Action


‘The combination of eco-socialist, feminist and decolonial perspectives is analytically and politically thrilling. Ecofeminism as Politics offers an integrative understanding of our world.’
Ulrich Brand, co-author of Theorizing the Imperial Mode of Living

‘Neoliberalism has not eliminated poverty, nor discrimination of women, nor exploitation of the Earth; neither economists, politicians, nor theoreticians know a way out. Marxists ignore both nature's and women's contribution to the production of wealth, but as ecofeminists show, this is the lost key to building another world.’
Maria Mies, ecofeminist activist and author of Patriarchy and Accumulation on a World Scale

‘One of the most original and important thinkers in the international political ecology field.’
Arturo Escobar, author of Designs for the Pluriverse

‘Its social movement synthesis is an essential read for those seeking solutions to our deepening systemic crises.’
Jackie Smith, editor of the Journal of World-Systems Research

‘Sets the standard for intersectional study of the crises we face in nature, economy and society - from global climate to household.’
Patrick Bond, University of Witwatersrand School of Governance

Ecofeminism as Politics has pioneered the integration of social movement debates. Salleh is a must-read authority on how to challenge capitalism in theory and as practice in the twenty-first century’.
Adam David Morton, author of Revolution and State in Modern Mexico

Praise for the First Edition:

'I place Ariel Salleh’s scholarship in the front rank with the work of other socialist ecofeminists such as Vandana Shiva or ecofeminists generally like Rosemary Ruether and Susan Griffin.'
Max Oelschlaeger, author of Caring for Creation 

'In a feisty attack on the view of feminism and environmentalism as single issue, disconnected movements, Ariel Salleh convincingly argues that ecofeminist politics will be the strongest force in the world against environmental depredation, economic exploitation and cultural globalisation.'
Joan Martinez-Alier, editor of Ecologica Politica 


Publication Date: 15 August 2017
400 pages

Product ISBNs: Paperback 2nd Edition: 9781786990402
Hardback 2nd Edition: 9781786990976
eBook ePub 2nd Edition: 9781786990426
eBook PDF 2nd Edition: 9781786990419
eBook Kindle 2nd Edition: 9781786990433
Library Edition: 9781856493994

Previous Editions: Paperback 1st Edition: 9781856494007

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