Global Health Watch 3

An Alternative World Health Report

People's Health Movement, Medact, Medico International, Third World Network, Health Action International, ALAMES, and Health Poverty Action


This third volume of Global Health Watch offers unique and essential information for anyone working in the field.
In an increasingly globalised world with new cross-border threats to public health and widening disparities between populations, civil society actors are challenging the existing structures of global health policies.

Like its critically acclaimed predecessors, this third volume of Global Health Watch covers a comprehensive range of topics, including access to medicines, mental health, water and sanitation, nutrition, and war and conflict.

Unlike most documentations of global health, it also draws attention to the politics of global health and the policies and actions of key actors.  Global Health Watch books are the definite independent sources of data on global health, and this third volume offers unique and essential information for anyone working in the field.

Author Bio

The Global Health Watch is a broad collaboration of public health experts, non-governmental organisations, civil society activists, community groups, health workers and academics. It was initiated by the People's Health Movement, Global Equity Gauge Alliance and Medact as a platform of resistance to the neo-liberal dominance in health.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction 
  • Part I: The Global Political and Economic Architecture 
    • 1. Economic Crisis and Systemic Failure: Why We Need to Rethink the Global Economy
  • Part II: Health Systems - Current Issues and Debates 
    • 2. Primary Health Care: A Review and Critical Appraisal of its Revitalization 
    • 3. Financing Health Care: Aiming for Long-Term Solutions 
    • 4. Health Financing Models that Make Health Systems Work: Case Studies from Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Thailand 
    • 5. Dysfunctional Health Systems: Case Studies from China, India, US 
    • 6. Achieving a Shared Goal: Free Universal Health Care in Ghana 
    • 7. Maternal Mortality: Need for a Broad Framework of Intervention 
    • 8. Research for Health 
    • 9. Pandemic Influenza Preparedness: In Search of A Global Health Ethos 
    • 10. Mental Health and Equality 
  • Part III: Beyond Health Care 
    • 11. The Global Food Crisis 
    • 12. Conflict, Information and Right to Health 
    • 13. Trade and Health 
    • 14. The Future is Now: Genetic Promises and Speculative Finance 
    • 15. Climate Crisis 
    • 16. Challenging the Population Climate Connection Section 
  • Part IV: Watching 
    • 17. WHO: Captive to Conflicting Interests 
    • 18. UNICEF and the Medicalisation of Malnutrition in Children 
    • 19. Conflict of Interest Within Philanthrocapitalism 
    • 20. The Pharmaceutical Industry and Pharmaceutical Endeavour 
    • 21. Health and Global Security: Reasons for Concern 
    • 22. International Health Partnerships+: Glass Half Full or Half Empty 
    • 23. New Reproductive Technologies Section V: Resistance, Actions, and Change 
    • 24. The Movement for Change 
    • 25. The Right to Health: From Concept to Action 
    • 26. Cuba's International Co-operation in Health


'Povides us with compelling evidence about all that is wrong with the governance of health care systems across the world. At the same time it also provides us with hope, in the many stories about what can be done and what is being done.'
Hafden Mahler, former Director General of World Health Organization

'Provides the thorough and provoking overview of Global Health issues that we have come to expect from the series.'
Jolene Skordis-Worrall, Lecturer in Health Economics, UCL Institute for Global Health

'This books is a necessary step in understanding how challenging and urgent change is, but that it is increasingly necessary for the survival of our planet Earth.'
Eduardo Espinoza, Vice Health Minister of El Salvador


Publication Date: 13 October 2011
384 pages

Product ISBNs: Paperback: 9781780320335
Hardback: 9781780320342

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