Global Health Watch 4

An Alternative World Health Report

People's Health Movement, Medact, Medico International, Third World Network, Health Action International, ALAMES, and Health Poverty Action


A collection of independent sources of data on global health offering unique and essential information for anyone working in the field.
Global Health Watch, now in its fourth edition, by is widely perceived as the definitive voice for an alternative discourse on health and healthcare. It covers a range of issues that currently impact on health, including the present political and economic architecture in a fast-changing and globalized world; a political assessment of the drive towards Universal Health Coverage; broader determinants of health, such as gender-based violence and access to water; stories of struggles, actions and change; and a scrutiny of a range of global institutions and processes.

It integrates rigorous analysis, alternative proposals and stories of struggle and change to present a compelling case for a radical transformation of the way we approach actions and policies on health.

Author Bio

The Global Health Watch is a broad collaboration of public health experts, non-governmental organizations, civil society activists, community groups, health workers and academics. It was initiated by the People’s Health Movement, Global Equity Gauge Alliance and Medact as a platform of resistance to the neoliberal dominance in health.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Section A: The Global Political and Economic Architecture
    • A1 The Health Crises of Neoliberal Globalization
    • A2 Fiscal Policies in Europe in the Wake of the Economic Crisis: Implications for Health
    • A3 Social Struggle, Progressive Governments, and Health in Latin America
    • A4 After the Arab Spring
  • Section B: Health systems: current issues and debates
    • B1. The Current Discourse on Universal Health Coverage (UHC)
    • B2. The National Health Service (NHS): Prey to Neoliberal Lust for Markets
    • B3. Reform of the Mexican Healthcare System: The Untold Story
    • B4. Brazil: The Rocky Road to a Universal Healthcare System
    • B5. South Africa: Building or Destroying Health Systems?
    • B6. The Right to Health in Tunisia
    • B7. The Revival of Community Health Workers in National Health Systems
    • B8. The Crisis of Maternal and Reproductive Health
    • B9. The Global Health Workforce Crisis
    • B10. The Politics and Landscape of Medical Devices in a Global Market
  • Section C: Beyond Healthcare
    • C1. Social Protection: Reimagining Development
    • C2. Non-Communicable Diseases: Is Big Business Hijacking the Debate?
    • C3. Nutrition and Food Sovereignty
    • C4. Breaking Free from Gender-Based Violence
    • C5. Talking Shit: Is Community Led Total Sanitation Empowering or Divisive?
    • C6. Extractive Industries and Health
  • Section D: Watching
    • D1. WHO Reform: For What Purpose?
    • D2. A New 'Business Model' for NGOs?
    • D3. Private Sector Influence on Public Health Policy
    • D4. The TRIPS Agreement: Two Decades of Failed Promises
    • D5. Cholera Epidemic in Haiti
    • D6. The International Finance Corporation's 'Health in Africa' Initiative
    • D7. The Ethical Cost of Offshoring Clinical Trials
  • Section E: Resistance, Actions and Change
    • E1. Reframing Health in Bolivia Around the Concept of 'Living Well'
    • E2. Social Shange in El Salvador and the Health Sector
    • E3. Venezuela: The Impact on Health of Social Change
    • E4. Colombia: Social Struggles Against the Commodification of Health
    • E5. Peru: Social Movement Against Neoliberal Reforms
    • E6. Struggles for Health in Europe
    • E7. The Struggle Against a Destructive Mining Project in Greece
    • E8. The Right to Food campaign in India
    • E9. Aboriginal Community-Controlled Health Services in Australia


'Challenges us to look at health and health care from a critical perspective, providing a bridge between big, global questions and independent local issues. Essential reading for the movers and shakers in health policy the world over.'
Gill Walt, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

'I highly recommend this fourth edition for anyone concerned about the future of equitable global health. It adds value to its predecessor editions through penetrating critiques of current issues such as the debate on universal health coverage.'
Vic Neufeld, Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research

'We live in an era of stark contrasts in the prospects for health and development for much of the World's population. Global Health Watch provides an invaluable independent analysis of these challenges and suggests constructive ways to address them. Required reading for students of global health and their teachers.'
Andy Haines, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medecine


Publication Date: 13 November 2014
432 pages

Product ISBNs: Paperback: 9781783602537
Hardback: 9781783602544
eBook ePub: 9781783602568
eBook PDF: 9781783602551
eBook Kindle: 9781783602575

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