Hope is a Promise

From the Indignados to the Rise of Podemos in Spain

Carlos Delclós

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A timely, first-hand account of Spain's rapidly growing anti-austerity movement, and what the rise of Podemos means for the future of Europe.

In the wake of economic crisis and widespread unemployment, Podemos has quickly become one of the most dynamic political forces in Europe, offering a radical democratic alternative to austerity and the status quo. Barcelona-based activist Carlos Delclós was there to witness this rise first-hand, and in Hope is a Promise offers a timely narrative of the party’s origins within the wider indignados anti-austerity movement, as well as this movement’s successes in building popular support from below. In the process, these activists have redefined the concept of representative democracy, and shown that it is possible for radical movements to translate popular discontent around austerity into electoral success.

Featuring unique testimony by many of those involved in the party, this insightful and often inspiring account considers what the rise of Podemos means for the future of Europe, as well as for similar movements around the world.

Author Bio

Carlos Delclós is a Barcelona-based writer and political activist. He is an editor at Roar Magazine and a contributor to OpenDemocracy.net, and his work has appeared in media outlets such as Democracy Now!, Adbusters, ElDiario.es, Periódico Diagonal, and Cadena SER amongst others. He also writes about music and social change, and has guest-hosted specials for DJ Rupture's Mudd Up! radio program on New York's WFMU, Andy G's Music Beyond Borders on Houston's KPFT and Slow Walk Radio on Bipolar FM.

Table of Contents

  • 1. A Desert Becoming
  • 2. Pink Noise, Resonant: A New Social Climate
  • 3. Our Home is Struggle
  • 4. Vanquish and Convince
  • 5. Into the Void


Publication Date: 31 October 2015

Product ISBNs: eBook ePub: 9781783607532
eBook Kindle: 9781783607525

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