Making a Healthy World

Agencies, Actors and Policies in International Health

Meri Koivusalo and Eeva Ollila


At a time of fundamental changes in international health strategies, this book provides a comprehensive account of the international agencies involved. It combines institutional and policy information and analysis, and asserts the universal right of people to have access to health services.
This is the first comprehensive account of the agencies involved in international health strategies -- notably the World Health Organisation, the World Bank, UNICEF, UNFPA and UNDP.

It describes their organisation, finances, policies and practice, including the World Bank's increasingly dominant role. It examines non-governmental and other actors in the health field, and the main areas of international health policy, including the Health for All and Primary Health Care strategies, health care reform and service delivery, essential drugs policies, reproductive health and population.

The book combines information and analysis with an assertion of the universal right to access to health services.

Author Bio

Meri Koivusalo is a research fellow in the Globalism and Social Policy Programme of the National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health (STAKES) in Finland.

Eeva Ollila is a medical doctor at STAKES and actively involved with health and development-related networks.

Table of Contents

  • Part : Actors
    • 1. WHO
    • 2. UNICEF
    • 3. World Bank
    • 4. UNFPA
    • 5. UNDP
    • 6. Other Actors in the Field of Health
  • Part II: Policies
    • 7. Health for All and Primary Health Care Strategies
    • 8. Health Care Reforms
    • 9. Drug Policies
    • 10. Reproductive Health
    • 11. Emerging Concerns


'Well written and clear. It will be a useful text for students on health policy and planning courses.'
Andrew Green, Nuffield Institute for Health

'A most valuable contribution to the debate on current health policy issues. This book deserves the widest possible dissemination and audience.'
Sonia Gill, Foundation for Research in Community Health, Bombay


Publication Date: 1 December 1997
288 pages

Product ISBNs: Paperback: 9781856494946
Library Edition: 9781856494939

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