Our Supreme Leader

The Making of Kim Jong-un

Paul French

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A glimpse into the regime of Kim Jong-un, revealing the ways in which he has cemented his position as the god-like Supreme Leader of North Korea.

Since his accession to power in 2012, Kim Jong-un has come to personify North Korea in the eyes of the outside world. An object of derision as much as fear, he has nevertheless succeeded in strengthening his grip on the country, purging potential rivals and strengthening the personality cult around himself and his predecessors. This process is set to culminate at the Seventh Congress of the Korean Workers’ Party, the first such congress in over thirty-five years, where Kim is widely expected to proclaim the dawn of a new era under his leadership.

In Our Supreme Leader, Paul French explores the ways in which the North Korean regime has evolved under Kim’s direction, with a detailed analysis of the history and development of its infamous cult of The Great Leader. Featuring the first in-depth assessment of the Seventh Congress and its significance within North Korea, French also offers fresh insights into the inner workings of this secretive regime, as well as looking ahead to its likely future direction.

Author Bio

Paul French is a British-born author and journalist living in Shanghai. As a leading expert on North Korea and east Asia, he has written extensively on the history, politics, and current affairs of the region. His previous books include North Korea: State of Paranoia (Zed Books, 2014) and the best-selling Midnight in Peking (2011), for which he received an Edgar award.


Publication Date: 15 July 2016
64 pages

Product ISBNs: eBook ePub: 9781783609000
eBook Kindle: 9781783609017

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