Resisting Sextarianism

Queer Activism in Postwar Lebanon

John Nagle and Tamirace Fakhoury

Author Bio

John Nagle is Professor in Sociology at Queen’s University of Belfast’

Tamirace Fakhoury is Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at the Lebanese American University

Table of Contents

1. Building A Dream: LGBT and Feminist Activism in Lebanon
2. Resisting Sextarianism: The Struggle for Gender Equality and LGBTQ Rights
3. Playing Chess in the Lion’s Mouth: Understanding LGBTQ Tactics
4. Between the Global and Local: Frictional Encounters in Human Rights
5. The Feminist Movement
6. ‘Our Nation’: Building Alliances Across Civil Society
7. Spreading the Message: The Regional Diffusion of Activism
8. Between Pride and Prejudice: The Movement in the Future


Publication Date: 26 August 2021
256 pages

Product ISBNs: Paperback: 9781786998002
Hardback: 9781786997999
eBook ePub: 9781786997968
eBook Kindle: 9781786997975

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