The Future of African Peace Operations

From the Janjaweed to Boko Haram

Edited by Cedric De Coning, Linnéa Gelot, and John Karlsrud


Provides vital insights into the future of peacekeeping operations in Africa, as well as practical solutions to security challenges facing the continent.

Facing threats ranging from Islamist insurgencies to the Ebola pandemic, African regional actors are playing an increasingly vital role in safeguarding peace and stability across the continent. But while the African Union has demonstrated its ability to deploy forces on short notice and in difficult circumstances, the challenges posed by increasingly complex conflict zones have revealed a widening divide between the theory and practice of peacekeeping. With the AU's African Standby Force becoming fully operational in 2016, this timely and much-needed work argues that responding to these challenges will require a new and distinctively African model of peacekeeping, as well as a radical revision of the current African security framework.

The first book to provide a comprehensive overview and analysis of African peace operations, The Future of African Peace Operations gives a long overdue assessment of the ways in which peacekeeping on the continent has evolved over the past decade. It will be a vital resource for policy makers, researchers and all those seeking solutions and insights into the immense security challenges which Africa is facing today.

Author Bio

Cedric de Coning is a senior researcher with the Peace Operations and Peacebuilding Research Group at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs and a senior adviser on peacekeeping and peacebuilding for ACCORD.

Linnéa Gelot is a senior researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala, Sweden, a senior lecturer in peace and development studies at the School of Global Studies and an affiliated fellow of the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs.

John Karlsrud is senior research fellow and manager of the Training for Peace programme at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, working on peacekeeping, peacebuilding and humanitarian issues.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Towards an African Model of Peace Operations - Cedric de Coning, Linnéa Gelot and John Karlsrud
  • 2. Confronting Hybrid Threats in Africa: Improving Multidimensional Responses - Kwesi Aning and Mustapha Abdallah
  • 3. Stabilization Missions and Mandates in African Peace Operations: Implications for the ASF? - Solomon A. Dersso
  • 4. The Relationship between the AU and the RECs/RMs in Relation to Peace and Security in Africa: Subsidiarity and Inevitable Common Destiny - Michelle Ndiaye
  • 5. The Strategic Relationship between the African Union and Its Partners - Linda Darkwa
  • 6. Mission Support for African Peace Operations - Walter Lotze
  • 7. United in Challenges? The African Standby Force and the African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crises - Jide Martyns Okeke
  • 8. What Roles for the Civilian and Police Dimensions in African Peace Operations? - Yvonne Akpasom
  • 9. Adapting the African Standby Force to a Just-in-Time Readiness Model: Improved Alignment with the Emerging African Model of Peace Operations - Cedric de Coning
  • 10. African Peace Operations: Trends and Future Scenarios, Conclusions and Recommendations - Cedric de Coning, Linnéa Gelot and John Karlsrud


‘I will highly recommend it to all scholars and practitioners working on African peace and security issues.’
Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo

‘A welcome and timely addition to the literature and discourse on Africa’s future in the world of peace operations.’
Henrietta Mensa-Bonsu, member of the UN Secretary-General’s High Level Independent Panel on Peace Operations

‘Essential for understanding the history and complexity of peacekeeping on the continent and the human dimensions of the problems involved.’
Lt Gen Carlos Alberto dos Santos Cruz, former force commander of the UN mission in the DRC

‘Provides policy makers and practitioners with excellent food for thought and discussion.’
Maj Gen (ret) Patrick Cammaert, former military adviser and force commander, UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations

‘Brings together leading African experts who offer a frank analysis of recent developments in African security institutions and policy responses.’
Thierry Tardy, senior analyst, EU Institute for Security Studies

‘The editors have assembled a highly qualified team of African analysts and practitioners to shed considerable light on an important question: how effective is the emerging "African model" of stabilization operations?’
Paul D. Williams, George Washington University

'The Future of African Peace Operations presents informative analysis and frontline thinking by leading experts in a well-written and well-structured volume … strongly recommended for academics, students, practitioners and policymakers.'
South African Journal of International Affairs

'[O]ne of the first and most successful attempts to give a complete overview of African peace operations today and what they will look like in the future.'
International Affairs

'For a core audience already familiar with the larger history of African peace operations and looking for more detailed analysis of the organisational and policy thinking over the years, this book shines as a reference.'
Africa at LSE

'For policymakers in both international organizations and national institutions...the book is a valuable addition to the contemporary discourse.' 
Academic Council on the United Nations System

'The chapters show a deep knowledge of the intricate architecture within and between organisations charged with peace and security ... This book is accessible, timely and highly recommended.'
The Round Table

'[T]he authors capture the complexity of modern African peace operations and acknowledge the multiple ways in which their recommendations could have an impact.'
Project MUSE


Publication Date: 15 March 2016
168 pages

Product ISBNs: Paperback: 9781783607082
Hardback: 9781783607099
eBook ePub: 9781783607112
eBook PDF: 9781783607105
eBook Kindle: 9781783607129

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