The Rise of the BRICS in Africa

The Geopolitics of South-South Relations

Padraig Carmody


The first book to be written about the BRICS as a collective phenomenon, and the impact their involvement in Africa has upon their geo-political strategies.
A little over a decade ago Africa was being spoken of in the media as the 'lost' or 'hopeless' continent. Now it has some of the fastest growing economies in the world, largely because of the impact of the BRICS: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. In this first book to be written about the BRICS as a collective phenomenon, Pádraig Carmody reveals how their engagements with Africa, both individually and collectively, are often contradictory, generating new inequalities and potential for development. Crucially, Carmody shows how the geopolitics of the BRICS countries' involvement in Africa is impacted by and impacts upon their international relations more generally, and how the emergence of these economies has begun to alter the very nature of globalization, which is no longer purely a Western-led project.

This is a path-breaking examination of Africa's changing role in the world.

Author Bio

Pádraig Carmody lectures in development geography at Trinity College Dublin, from which he holds both a BA in geography and history and an MSc in geography. 

Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction: new models of globalization
  • 2. China: globalization and the rise of the state?
  • 3. South Africa: another BRIC in the wall?
  • 4. India: the geo-logics of agro-investments
  • 5. Russia: unalloyed self-interest or reflections in the mirror?
  • 6. Brazil: globalizing solidarity or legitimizing accumulation?
  • 7. Conclusion: governance and the evolution of globalization in Africa


'This is an excellent and bold book. The author provides both detailed evidence and well-honed judgement in entering several controversial areas and providing balanced insights and a platform for proper debate - without hysteria and mythologization.'
Stephen Chan, editor of The Morality of China in Africa

'Pádraig Carmody's book critically interrogates the nature and implications for Africa of the BRICS, situating his study within a wider analysis of the processes associated with globalization. This is an important analysis and required reading for all those interested in the future of Africa's international relations.'
Ian Taylor, author of The Forum on China-Africa Cooperation

'This book is an excellent and concise primer for students of international relations and African Studies interested in understanding the evolving global power shift and Africa's place within it. By carefully deconstructing the acronym BRICS, Carmody expose its limitations as an analytical tool for understanding structural change, and then proceeds to provide important pointers on how Africa should respond to the challenge posed by the increasing influence of Brazil, Russia, India and China on Africa's development.'
Fantu Cheru, co-editor of The Rise of China and India in Africa

'A well-researched and highly readable analysis of the BRICS in Africa.'
Oliver Stuenkel, Post-Western World


Publication Date: 12 September 2013
184 pages

Product ISBNs: Paperback: 9781780326047
Hardback: 9781780326054
eBook ePub: 9781780326078
eBook PDF: 9781780326061
eBook Kindle: 9781780326085

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