Women's Studies and Culture

A Feminist Introduction

Anneke Smelik and Rosemarie Buikema


This introduction to feminist cultural studies provides a synthesis of the feminist critique of culture. It opens with an exploration of feminist academic practice and an overview of the full range of feminist theory.
This major introduction to feminist cultural studies provides an important new synthesis of the feminist critique of culture. It also brilliantly reflects the interdisciplinary approach of cultural studies.

The book opens with an exploration of the development of feminist academic practice and an overview of the full range of feminist theory. It includes full coverage of the equality/difference debate. Chapters then examine the impact of women’s studies on linguistics, literary theory, popular culture, history, film theory, art history, theatre studies and musicology.

Part two explores the politics, theories and methods of feminist study including psychoanalysis, black criticism, lesbian studies and semiotics. This book is essential reading for anyone who needs a lively and accessible explanation of how feminism has taken culture and its academic study by storm.

Author Bio

Anneke Smelik is professor of visual culture at Radboud University of Nijmegen (Netherlands).

Rosemarie Buikema is professor of art, culture and diversity at Utrecht University (Netherlands).

Table of Contents

  • Part I
    • 1. Of Stories and Sources: Feminist History Writing - Berteke Waaldijk
    • 2. Female Readers and Self-Defence: Feminist Literary Theory - Maaike Meijer
    • 3. Language and Sex - Dede Brouwer
    • 4. How They Have Received Each Other: Women and Popular Culture - Joke Hermes
    • 5. Appearances Also Count - Anneke Smelik
    • 6. Women in the Limelight: Feminist Theatre Studies - Mieke van Schermbeek
    • 7. How Purple is Purple? Feminist Art Studies - Miriam van Rijsingem
    • 8. Theme and Variations: Feminist Music Studies - Joke Dame
  • Part II
    • 9. The Double Self-Consciousness of the Alien: Feminism and Black Criticism - Pamela Pattynama
    • 10. Heterosexual Screening: Lesbian Sexuality in the Field of Culture - Renee C. Hoogland
    • 11. Alice Walker: Mediator Between Being and Not Being - Liesbeth Brouwer
    • 12. In the Footsteps of Anna and Dora: Feminism and Psychoanalysis - Rosi Braidotti


'In this challenging work, feminist scholars cross boundaries to engage readers in a critical multi-cultural dialogue that expands our understanding of feminist theory and practice generally.'
bell hooks, City College of New York

'A wonderful book for teaching women’s studies.'
Joan W Scott, Princeton University


Publication Date: 1 January 1998
240 pages

Product ISBNs: Paperback: 9781856493123
Library Edition: 9781856493116

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