Working with Conflict 2

Skills and Strategies for Action

Simon Fisher, Vesna Matovic, Bridget Ann Walker, and Dylan Mathews


A go-to, practical resource for peacebuilders, people working in conflict situations or people studying conflict transformation within a variety of disciplines.

Working with Conflict 2 reflects the accumulated wisdom of over 3000 peacebuilding practitioners from 70 countries over the 20 years since the first Working with Conflict book was published.

Its focus is on understanding and transforming conflict, building practical strategies for constructive change, analysing power, addressing violence, healing wounds and building movements for change. It is relevant to all who are trying to bring about change in intractable situations, from grassroots to policy level, including those working in the fields of peacebuilding, humanitarian assistance, development, climate change, human rights, gender equality, trauma healing and democracy.

Working with Conflict 2 is an accessible practical resource, for both individuals and organisations working and researching how to work in conflict-prone and unstable parts of the world. Easy to use, including helpful visual materials, it provides a range of practical tools – processes, ideas, techniques – for tackling conflict, as well as providing links to other key conflict-related and peacebuilding resources, including organisations, publications and websites.

Author Bio

Simon Fisher is an activist, facilitator, trainer, educator and writer, and has worked with organisations in over 40 countries, supporting many initiatives for dialogue and change. After directing a global education project, he was Oxfam Representative in DRC before co-founding Responding to Conflict in 1991. Out of this experience he co-authored Working with Conflict: Skills and Strategies for Action (Zed, 2000), the precursor of this book.

Vesna Matović is an experienced peacebuilding and conflict transformation specialist with more than 20 years’ experience as a consultant, facilitator, mediator, analyst and trainer on conflict and peace issues. She works with International Alert, leading Peacebuilding Training and Learning programmes in conflict analysis, conflict sensitivity, dialogue and mediation.

Bridget Walker’s background is in international development, largely in the NGO sector, including Oxfam GB and Responding to Conflict. Her work has taken her to many countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Southern Caucasus and Former Yugoslavia. From 2005 to 2012 she served on the Board of Christian Aid, and is currently a member of the Advisory Group of Concordis International.

Dylan Mathews is the CEO of Peace Direct and has worked for a range of UK based international development and humanitarian organisations, including Oxfam, Landmine Action, the British Red Cross and Oxford Research Group.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • 1. Start Small, Think Big
  • 2. Finding and sharing our power
  • 3. Healing: a vital component of peacebuilding
  • 4. Conflict transformation: the essentials
  • 5. Learning for Change
  • 6. Conflict analysis: vital, difficult, continuous
  • 7. Building a strategy: getting from here to there
  • 8. Dialogue: a space where meaning flows
  • 9. Building a movement


Publication Date: 29 October 2020
232 pages

Product ISBNs: Paperback 2nd Edition: 9781913441388
Hardback 2nd Edition: 9781913441326
eBook ePub 2nd Edition: 9781913441418
eBook PDF 2nd Edition: 9781913441401
Library Edition: 9781856498364

Previous Editions: Paperback 1st Edition: 9781856498371

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